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ExperSHOP is a software suite dedicated for Web online business applications: for example, E-commerce applications (including the back-office integration with legacy applications and databases), or intranet apps with online database content.

100% written in Java, ExperShop can be used on many operating systems, with most relational databases and web servers.

ExperShop includes:

All the persistent information (like Products and Customers in an e-commerce application) is maintained in a relational database, at the user's choice (example: MySql, SQL Server, Oracle...).

Java Servlets for dynamic web pages and JDBC for database access bring ExperSHOP the highest portability level.

Start with a small configuration and a cheap database, then feel free to move to a Unix server and Oracle as your business grows!

Why ExperSHOP ?

Hardware platform / OS

Unix, Windows, and any platform that can run a servlet-enabled web server.

Web Server

The following web servers can run Java servlets:
Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Microsoft IIS, Macromedia JRun, and more...
Check for a complete list, and find ISPs who can host servlets there.

Relational Database

In the ExperSHOP package, there's a relational database engine: Hsql DB.

ExperSHOP supports any SQL database accessible through JDBC: MySql, Oracle, SQL Server... as well as any database accessible through ODBC.