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Visit the ExperShop store to purchase a license or renew your support agreement:
immediate delivery, and secure online payment (credit card) operated by groupe CIC, a french bank.

Your licence will be valid for any ExperShop release, including beta versions.

Download ExperSHOP

ExperShop 5 (stable version)

This release is a Web Application (.war) to be deployed on your application server.
It requires Java2 (1.5+) and JDBC 2.0+ (see below previous versions if old JDK or JDBC implementations are required).

Download the ExperShop Web Application Package (expershop.war)
(Download tip: Right-click the link, then "Save Link As...")

On Tomcat, copy it in the webapps/ directory, restart the server, and contact http://your-host:8080/expershop.
On other app servers, refer to the servlet engine documentation concerning web application deployment (.war files), it's built in !

Download the HTML documentation: in english or french.
The doc is in Unix tar format: on Windows, use tools like WinZip to extract the files.
You can also browse the documentation online.

Previous versions

ExperShop 4.1 (JDK 1.4+, JDBC 2+)
ExperShop 3.5 (JDK 1.3+, JDBC 2+)
ExperShop 3.0 (JDK 1.3+, JDBC 1+)
ExperShop 2.1 (Legacy - JDK 1.2+, JDBC 1+)
ExperShop 1.1 (Legacy)