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3rd Party Secure Payment Systems

ExperShop Lite does not provide built-in secure payment capabilities : it provides interface modules for third-party secure payment services.

Currently, the following systems are supported :

Using your own Payment Method

Small shops may not wish to subsribe to 3rd party payment services : payment services are not free!

There are at least two ways to manage yourself the payment :

Check or Fax Payment

You can simply request your customers to pay by Fax (with their credit-card number) or Check, then proceed with the order only when you get paid...

SSL encryption

If your web server supports SSL encryption, you can simply configure it to securely transmit a credit card number : of course, you need a business bank account with credit card payment enabled.

Drawbacks :

  • No real-time transaction checking : you just gather credit card info on your site, then transmit them later to your bank.
  • You know the customer's credit card number and expiry : some customers may not trust you, unless you are a well-known merchant.

How does it work ?

Most payment systems involve at least three entities :
  • The customer (who purchases goods or services online)
  • The merchant server (for example, an Internet Bookstore)
  • The payment server, in connection with financial partners like banks
In most cases, these entities interact this way :
  • The merchant server gives control to the payment server for the payment transaction.
  • The payment issued by the customer is transmitted to the payment server, that checks the validity of the transaction, then accepts or refuses the payment.
  • The payment server sends back information to the merchant server, concerning the transaction status.
The merchant needs to subscribe to a payment service, then to interface it with his merchant server.

As a merchant server tool, ExperShop includes pre-built interfaces to some market-leading payment servers, like CyberCash™ in Northern America or CyberMut™ in France.