ExperLog short story:

ExperLog was born at Inria research center ...

ExperLog is a french technology startup, established in June 1999.
During it's maturation phase and early days, ExperLog was supported and hosted by Inria Rhône-Alpes, an Inria research unit near Grenoble, in the french alps.

Acting in new technologies ...

ExperLog is a software developer, and develops its own dynamic web and e-commerce technology, based on the Java language: the ExperShop product.
ExperLog is also a solution provider, and endorses consulting and software integration missions around ExperShop - and more generally, server-side java technologies.

A "brick and mortar" start-up ?

These days, it seems paradoxical to make money in the Internet business: ExperLog lives from customer services and license fees, and doesn't have any venture capitalist involved.
ExperLog is proud of that so "old-fashioned" business model - being good old capitalists in the Internet circus, what a mess ;)