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What can you do with ExperSHOP ?

ExperSHOP is a lighweight java application server, based on servlets and JDBC.
It includes the basic functions of an application server: database connexion pool, multi-application support, client session handling, and java business objects interface.

For merchant sites, ExperShop has a built-in shopping cart and order management system, and gateways to some 3rd-party secure payment systems.

ExperShop is designed to quickly develop applications, without limiting the creativity of web designers: it includes a "fusion" technology - HTML page templates with dynamic code inside, interpreted on the fly.

For example, to create your own online shop : take the ExperSHOP sample shop, customize it to your needs, it's ready!

Which platform, web server and database can you use ?

  • Any platform that can run a Java SDK (JDK 1.1.7 or more)
  • Any SQL database that supports a JDBC driver
  • Any servlet-enabled web server

Our Web Server best choice: Apache Tomcat.
See servlets.com for a list of servlet-enabled web servers.

Our database best choice: MySQL or PostgreSQL.
If you prefer commercial products, a good java database: IBM Cloudscape, or the more classical Oracle - especially for high volumes of data...
A good free database for demo purposes: HsqlDB.
Note that all databases accessible via ODBC are accessible via JDBC.

Our platform best choice: Linux, or Unix in general (Windows should work too, but we made few tests).

Which secure payment systems are supported ?

Several systems are supported, including Verisign Payflow Pro, and french systems CyberMut, SIPS and PayBox.

Future versions will support more payment systems: if you have specific needs, let us know.