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ExperShop comes with a specific servlet dedicated for shop administration tasks:

  • com.expershop.lite.ESAdminServlet
    The ExperShop Lite adminitration tool
This servlet requires the user to log in as Administrator, using the Administrator password defined in the application configuration file.

Entering the Shop Administration Tool

Once ExperShop is installed and the demo shop works, just select http://your-shop-url/servlet/com.expershop.lite.ESAdminServlet to start with the administration tool.

You will then be requested to log in as administrator: unless you modified the password, its default value is admin.
(to change the password, edit the application configuration file and change the value of shop.AdminPassword, then restart the server).

Type in the password, then submit the form: you are now logged as Administrator, follow the links!

Order Management

When a customer places an order, the order is created in the database with a status set to NEW.

The administration servlet allow the shop administrator to change the order's status while processing the order: PROCESSING means the shop staff is currently processing the order, and PROCESSED means the items have been delivered to the customer.

PROCESSED orders can then be deleted by the shop administrator on demand.

Most update actions are performed using ExperSHOP Administrative actions, for example to update orders status or delete orders.

Catalog Updates

The Catalog Update tool allows the user to create/edit/delete Shop departments and Products.

Most update actions are performed using ExperSHOP Administrative actions, for example to create, update or delete shop departments and products.

Note this can be done directly in SQL on the database, which is faster if you wish to insert many items.